The Psionic and the Sub

Natural submissive Jason is in a bar and becomes overwhelmed and realizes that he has to hit on Philip, a musclebear with psionic powers. Naturally, the mind flaying actions of the Dom causes Jasons memories of his boyfriend to be replaced with the mental imagery of his new masculine idol. Jason sipped his wine cooler and smirked to himself as he thought about last night. He had come to the bar horny; this will almost always lead to trouble, but, sadly, never for Jason. He walked through the bar as though he was shopping. Then he saw Phil and his boyfriend; sadly Jason knew he could only have one of them; his Powers only seemed to work on one person at a time, but he too loved a fire crotch. Now that he had made up his mind all that was left was to catch Phil’s eye.’ This was harder than he had expected. This redhead seemed to have locked his gaze with his companion really; a regular person would have thought this love but not a person like Jason, if one could consider someone with a moral compass that broken as people. Finally, Phil noticed someone staring at him. Now, Jason, had him trapped, all he had to do now is think of him. You like that man you are looking at. It doesn’t matter who you are with, in fact, you aren’t with anyone. You will go over and hit on him you will do whatever you can to be allowed to be fucked by him. To blow him. To serve him. The Psyonic And The Sub is a 3000 word short story sure to keep you asking for more.

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