Bumble Royale: First morning of the Bimbo Royale games. Don’t get too wet.

Chad’s college classmate have been turning into lewdly altered beach babes. That field trip’s Bimbo Royale games were described as a winner-take-all water fight, but they didn’t mention that losers would turn into them! Anxities rise as all it takes is a full dose of altered water to let your breasts and thighs snap out of your clothes. Will Chad turn back Tiffy, the first to lose and kickstart the chaos that ensues? Who is organizing this entire set of games and what is their end goal. Will Chad be able to micro manage his lust and his own new assets as he wanders around the island tryign to stay alive? This is part of a series that will be compiled into an interactive survival tf/tg game hosted on StackedPublishing.com.

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Lana Rice