Aunty Fran’s Wishing Bell: Book 3: MF, FF, Magical Gender Swap, Curse, Body Swap, Bimbo, Corruption, Pseudo Taboo

End the story with Josh and Jen coming to terms with their new delicious bodies. Aunty Fran explains the deep lineage of the heirloom and how the gender-swapping curse rewrote reality for a reason. The corruption of their personalies drove to exploring their milky-white bodies with admirers of another household and the patriarch of the household staying orgasmically unaware. Pressures continue to mount as Josh gets a hand in exploring her new bolted on body. Emotions run high as they learn how to keep an ancient secret that spans generations. Why is there so many gorgeous women while hes the only heir to the entire legacy? Does the story end with a bang or a whimper? Will Josh be able to enjoy his own body or will he be giving the pleasure to someone else. Aunty Frans Wishing Bell Book 3 Is a 9,200 word story and the last work from this finished three part series.

About The Author

Jennifer Eden