Aunty Fran’s Wishing Bell: Book 1: Magical Gender Swap, Instant , Bimbo, Pseudo Taboo, Corruption

Emotions run high when you see your old body unable to stop pleasuring itself. Jen learns what its like to live under the roof of someone who can barely fit in a mini-skirt with their bimbo bod still a few cups small. Panic rises as they both try and get back into their old familiar bodies. But given their new sensations, will they reverse the curse? Follow Josh and Jen in their journey towards understanding what it’s like to be in the other person’s shoes – and underwear! Will Josh be able to resist the new bodies multi-orgasmic capabilities? Will they learn the origins of the curse and how they can reverse it? Who is Aunty Fran, and is she as well endowed as Jen? Will they keep their minds or will they grow to accept this new reality. Aunty Fran’s Wishing Bell is the first book of 6200 words of a finished three part series.

About The Author

Jennifer Eden